The Performance of TRU products is a result of a successful combination; Sixty years of technology leadership from our partner Schuco, bundled with local metal fabrication and solar expertise. 

TRU is committed to continually manufacturing products that perform at levels above the domestic standard. 

Thermally broken aluminum performs at significantly better levels than non thermally broken aluminum. Our polyamide thermal breaks mean no metal touching metal and thus high thermal insulation. The overall performance of our windows is higher because solar heat gain is minimized. 

Our Thin-film Building Integrated Photovoltaics are expanding the possibilities and potential of sustainable building development. Thin-film technology performs in a larger range of conditions than traditional Photovoltaic panels. Whether it be cloudy or extremely hot outside, the Kw output of Thin-film remains more stable.

Our Curtain Wall system incorporates Overall Ventilation as opposed to typical Field/Zone Drainage. This system allows precipitation to run through designated channels in the transoms over to the mullions. Water is pushed out to the cover cap through deflector blocks, finally being released at the base of the system. In Field/Zone, all corners are filled with silicone forcing each panel to drain individually. Weep holes are punched in to mullions, releasing dirty water from precipitation to run over your glass.