In this era of heightened environmental awareness, the consequences of global climate change are upon us. TRU is committed to leading the industry with sustainable products and processes that maximize energy efficiency. All products are manufactured locally in Southern California, in congruence with LEED standards, and the Buy American Act. 

  • TRU products support LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) sustainable building practices. Our products contribute points to your project.

energy2; Save energy - generate energy

Our Building Integrated Photovoltaics are an innovation in generating energy for the building envelope. Thin-film technology is expanding module design possibilities in terms of size, shape, color, and transparencies. Photovoltaic's can also be integrated in to Louvers for even better efficiency.

 All of our products are fully thermally broken, eliminating solar heat gain and maintaining the temperature balance. Thermal breaks save energy that is typically lost through non-thermally broken metal frames.

 Sun shading offers another energy saving solution. Louvers integrate easily in to our Curtain Wall systems, and shade the interior from direct sunlight. Other custom solutions can be engineered, such as light shelves; bringing natural light far in to a space that wouldn't normally see light. Thus eliminating the dependence on heavy artificial light.